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Cave  & Overlook Suites

The Cave & Overlook Suites



In 1869, the Schottmuller brothers built a one-story stone structure with a cave connecting it to their brewery further up Angel Hill and opened it as a saloon, storing beer in the cave. They then purchased a two-story stable and
livery, built in 1851, from the Chisago House Hotel and set it on top of the saloon for living quarters. Since its days as a saloon, the “Cave” has housed a surprising array of businesses including a general store, a chicken plucking operation, a beauty shop, and a mortuary.

Old Jail Cottage

The Old Jail Cottage


The Taylors Falls Jail was built next door to the saloon in 1884 (merely coincidental?), at a total cost of $311.76. It originally had four jail cells and is unique for its outer walls which are constructed of stacked 2x4 boards. The village sold the structure in 1923 and it was used over the years as an ice house, a shoe repair shop, and a garage. Historian Helen White restored the “Jail” and opened it in 1981 as Minnesota’s first licensed bed & breakfast.


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